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umt dongle  is a one time bye on annaul renew charges umt dongle is the best donle for flash qualcom device ( for protect imei and network data ) and best tool for samsung and mtk repair flash and meny more ..

FEATURESUltimate Multi Tool Box Features:

  • Flashing
  • Remove SIM Lock
  • Repair BT/WIFI
  • IMEI Repair (Please follow your country rules before using this option)
  • Wipe Phones
  • Remove Google Account
  • Remove FRP/Samsung Account/Rent Center Lock
  • Smart Card Protected
  • protect imei and network data.
  • mtk flash 
  • samsung one by one file flash
  • Supports Windows XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8.0, Win 8.1, Win 10



  • this tool for qualcomm devices only
  • support flashing and imei repair baseband fix 
  • meny modele support 
  • flash skip imei network data protected
  • meny more.
download QCFIRE


  • support flashing and imei repair baseband fix 
  • meny modele support 
  • flash skip PRELOADER
  • meny more.
  • this tool for mtk devices only
download untimate mtk

  • support all modles software related falut
  • support  imei and baseband fix 
  • support locks and frp 
download UMT GSM

4. UltimateSamsung
  • support samsung modle 
  • tar file falsh and combinasion falsh 
  • baseband and imei fix 
download umtsam

5. UltimateLG
  • support lg all flashing 
  • locks and frp 
download umtLG

6. ultimate Huawei
  • supprt all huawei modle
  • support locks and frp
download umt-huawei

If you have any problems repairing software or hardware on a mobile phone, contact me via Whatsapp I'll help you with all the mobile repair issues. Daily Update The latest mobile repair techniques and equipment updates, thank you.

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